Freebie Alert! Who Doesn’t Want Free Stuff?

Okay, so let me be frank. This was not clickbait. You are actually getting something for free.

For everyone who wanted to get my book and didn’t want to pay for it…(I know it’s like that sometimes. Heck, I’m like that.) The Cabin is yours to take, for a limited time only.

Yes! I said it. FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fahreee!

Only the Ebook though, because…well, we know paperbacks are in a category by themselves. With printing costs and all.

Select the picture or here to be redirected to the Amazon page of your country.

This promotion runs from 22-26 July 2021. So, if you know, you know. Download the thing and read it a month later or whenever. At least you got it.

And as always, when you’re finished reading it, leave a review. Feedback is nice…(and depressing) but let’s not get into that. The Cabin is there for your taking.

Thanks for reading. Until next time boo.

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