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It’s Not Me. It’s Him (COMING SOON)

Daphney Stone is rich, pushy, and unforgivable. She’s everyone’s worst nightmare—including yours.

When Daphney pushes for a guy at a diner to be fired, karma hits her hard when her mom hires him as her driver and assistant. With Leo Robinson now part of her life, Daphney is determined to have him fired and out of her life for good. She will burn bridges if she has to.

Leo Robinson is cool and loveable, but he has a myriad of problems. His grandmother’s home is being taken by the bank, and he may need more money after getting fired from his primary source of income.

To his luck, Leo’s mother secures a deal with a bigshot lawyer, and in exchange for lawyer fees, he must drive for a soon-to-be eighteen-year-old. Leo accepts it without hesitation but soon learns that his new client is the girl who had gotten him fired at the diner.

With tension building between Daphney and Leo, it would take a miracle for these two to agree. But life is unpredictable, so they must learn that they need each other to endure the rollercoaster ahead.

This enemies-to-lovers slow-burn romance will have you emotionally charged from beginning to end.

Can you make it, or will you break it?