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Sierra Parker has been pushing paper since the beginning of time. Her pay is meagre, and she barely meets her rent.

When a misfortunate event happens at her company, she is called to act as a real estate agent. If she sells a house, she will be allotted a hefty bonus that might just put her in a comfortable spot.

Determined to reach her goal, Sierra stops at nothing to please her billionaire client. Adrian Burhan is persistent and relentless when it comes to his desires. What he wants, he gets.

Can Sierra keep up with his wavering demands?

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Stories You Can Read

The Cabin: One Stormy Weekend

Sacha Price, a housewife, is left alone in a cabin in Utah after her husband rescheduled a surprise anniversary getaway.

However, when a vehicular accident occurs outside the cabin, Sacha commits to saving a stranger who has been deeply wounded and unconscious.

Not only is she saving a stranger, but she is also welcoming him into her home amid a snowstorm. Can her weekend get any worse?

Being trapped with him might be more challenging than Sacha ever imagined. With emotional tensions rising and unexpected surprises, she must make a difficult decision about the other impending storm that is about to brew.

The cabin has just gotten heated.

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