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It’s Not Me. It’s Him

Daphney Stone is rich, pushy, and unforgivable. She’s hated by everyone—including you.

Never had she expected karma to hit her hard.

Soulmates? Maybe not.

Leo Robinson is here to stay.

After getting him fired from his job at a diner, Daphney has to put up with him in her home and as her chauffeur.

She wants him fired, but that isn’t possible, so what does she do? Work him to a pulp—make his life a living hell.

Leo doesn’t know why Daphney hates him or why a person can be so vile, but all he knows is that he can’t stop doing things for her. But all good things must come to an end.

Will he finally draw the line and give her a taste of her own medicine?

This enemies-to-lovers slow-burn romance will have you punching the air.

Can you handle it?



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Stories You Can Read

The Cabin: One Stormy Weekend

Sacha Price, a housewife, is left alone in a cabin in Utah after her husband rescheduled a surprise anniversary getaway.

However, when a vehicular accident occurs outside the cabin, Sacha commits to saving a stranger who has been deeply wounded and unconscious.

Not only is she saving a stranger, but she is also welcoming him into her home amid a snowstorm. Can her weekend get any worse?

Being trapped with him might be more challenging than Sacha ever imagined. With emotional tensions rising and unexpected surprises, she must make a difficult decision about the other impending storm that is about to brew.

The cabin has just gotten heated.

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