Writer’s Block is the Devil

I’m not going to make this long. And I’m sort of a hypocrite for writing this because somehow I’ve gotten the zeal to rant about this and not write one shit today in any of my started stories.

Honestly, the zeal isn’t there. The past two weeks I set alarms and reminders to write stuff on my Editor Site and I’d done only fifteen hundred (1500) words. Yes, fifteen hundred. Ugh…

What is wrong with me?

Nothing. That’s it. Nothing. Nothing is wrong with me. Maybe there’s some external force over my shoulder saying to write it. Do it. Finish it, witch. But really and truly I don’t want to.

At least not yet.

If I force myself, the writing may just be crappy, or robotic and gray . . .


Writer’s block is the pinhole and I just can’t get the darn string through.

But one of these days . . . One of these dry, musty and hot days when I’m sitting in front of my laptop staring at the few words I’ve written, I’ll lick that damn string and push it through.

For now, I’m examining the pinhole, or what everyone else calls it— brainstorming and plotting weird stuff.

Writer’s block isn’t actually the devil, it’s just your brain telling you to wait on the right time to write.

This is what I’m going with. This will make me sleep better at night. 🙄

So whatever.

Thanks for reading my rant. See ya boo.

Read this Novella in Three Hours

Some might say less and others may say more, but the point I’m trying to bring across is that you can read this Book in a short space of time.

Got an hour to burn?


Need something new to read?

Want to support an Indie author?

Well, I’m going to be bias here and tell you to read my book. Ya.

And as a bonus . . .

Wait for it . . .

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And if you don’t like Ebooks . . . Ugh my eyes. It burns. Then you have a choice of ordering the paperback version.

So, if you’re adventurous and love to experience new things, click on the photo below and be directed to Amazon.

And if you happen to read it, please leave a REVIEW.

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Thanks boo boo.

So You Like the Book Cover, Huh?

But what could be the worst-case scenario of that?

I know.

Not reading a book that’s hella good with a mediocre cover.

Ah, but I’m sure you’ve probably thought I would say something about the gorgeous cover being a terrible book. No, it could be good, but you can find something considerably greater.

If you know what I mean . . .

Well, let me introduce you to something regular. See for yourself.

And hey, don’t judge a book by its colors.

The lady in the picture has even gotten a teeny-weeny mustache. How natural.

Go on…go ahead. Select the picture. It won’t explode in your face. Whatever happens after is up to you.

But hey, thanks for reading.